Aromatherapy Breathing Oil



Aromatherapy predates the earthly ministry of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST.  God made some of the trees and plants to be natural healers and protectors.  Although aromatherapy is not an exact science, nor is it highly recognized by the western medical community, you cannot overlook some of the benefits of using specially blended essential oils. 

Essential oils are extracted from certain varieties of trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, and flowers.  Speaking from first hand knowledge, I know they have helped me with headaches and other body pains.  Being in the field of massage therapy I have asked clients to try some of the oils and give me their personal responses to the oil they tried.  In the greatest percentage of these trials, the results and feedback have been very positive.  I in no way think the essential oils can or should be a substitute for any pharmaceutical medicine your doctor has prescribed for you.  Your doctor has much more extensive training than do I, so I would ask that you ask him/her if there could be any contraindications to the medication they have prescribed in conjunction with the use of each essential oil. 

After your doctor has approved the use of the essential oil, I suggest it be used moderately at first, perhaps on the hands or feet, since they have extra epidermal layers for protection.  If after 48 hours, you have no allergic reaction then you should be able to apply the essential oil mixture to places you would have a massage therapist work. 


Please note that the bottle you receive from Heavenly Healing Hands contains less than 2% of pure essential oil and the remainder is a pure massage formula used by professional massage therapists like myself.

                                    Application and Usage of Heavenly Healing Hands Oil (tm)

    Using the supplied proprietary oil cover the first segment of your index finger with Heavenly Healing Hands Oil (tm)     and apply to your upper lip.

    Apply to the outside of both nostrils.

    Apply to the cheek bones and rub the oil medially (towards the nostrils).

    Apply to the both temples.

    Most Important Step: Breathing: close your mouth and take DEEP inhalations through your nose.   

    Try to inhale through your nose about 150% of that of your normal breath.  


If you are congested at all, you will probably need to blow your nose.  Usually after two minutes you will feel some drainage in your throat.  If you have a headache you may notice pressure release in the form of tears from your eyes. 


If you have any questions, please give David Young, LMT, a call at:     407-886-8215.